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  • July 10, 2024
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Team Building Package In Malaysia: Cost-Effective Options

While planning a day out with your team, you need to think about the budget ahead. With the right budget and the right place, your team-building efforts will never go in vain. 

Spending money on an activity that doesn’t serve your team’s purpose is just a waste of your money and efforts. So, we are here to save you from such mishaps with some amazing team building package in Malaysia. 

Let’s know about some team-building activities that will bring you the best benefits while saving your pocket! 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Corporate Team Building Activities

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Corporate Team Building Activities

When you are looking for the best team-building activities in KL or PJ, you need to consider some factors when comparing the prices. Here are some of them:


The final price tag of a business team-building activity depends on how much time the facilitator is willing to invest. In this regard, consultation, personalization, setup, delivery, and event breakdown are all part of it. 

Several factors come into play, such as location, season, and other event details, which can make these tasks more difficult. For example, it may be harder labor to set up in a rural place during winter than in a town during summer. 


Materials required for team-building activities can be expensive. As such, most digital resources are cheaper means of carrying out virtual events than their traditional counterparts, i.e., tangible resources. 

This category of items might contain props, equipment, or supplies customized for certain activities. Hosts may provide some materials, but organizations should think about others that they also need to buy. It is crucial to plan and save money for materials so that expenses can be minimized.

Travel Expenses

Corporate Team-Building trips tend to cost relatively high, especially when airfare is considered. Traveling to the event location may be essential for both facilitators and participants, which would result in higher costs and require careful planning. 

For such occasions, travel expenses form part of the quoted prices denoted as “Plus Travel.” To reduce travel costs, businesses need to think about whether it is possible to bring everyone together in one place. 

Number Of People Involved  

Team building events are priced based on the number of participants. Smaller groups, however, up to 20 people are easier and cheaper when compared to larger ones that may be made up of sixty or more individuals. 

Facilitators need a unique skill set and approach to successfully engage groups of different sizes. The main goal is full participation regardless of group size. 

Breaking down large crowds into smaller ones will make the event more manageable and secure. Good arrangements will help balance efficiency and cost among team-building exercises at all times.

Team Building Package In Malaysia: A Few Amazing Deals 

Team Building Package In Malaysia A Few Amazing Deals 

For the most fun and adrenaline rush, here are a few awesome activities you can do with small to large groups without breaking the bank. Let’s learn about them! 

Paint Bomb Package – An Exciting Adventure

As a fun and novel way to bring a team together, Paint Bomb at Bomb Battle is an adventure like no other. A 75-minute immersive mission may be enjoyed by groups of 4 to 15 for RM 99 per person during off-peak hours and RM 109 per person during peak hours. Isn’t that amazing? 

They will provide hazmat suits, protective gear, and shoe coveralls to ensure everyone stays safe while having a good time. 

In addition to a complimentary drink to get things started, everyone who signs up will receive digital photos and bomb movies to remember all the fun they had.

This mission includes a vibrant and exciting task: fourteen liters of paint bomb splash. The mission’s multiple phases provide variation and challenge players. A bomb room dance party is a great way to end the adventure, and lockers are available for storing personal goods. 

Because more time has been allotted for the event, everyone will be able to relax and enjoy it to the fullest.

Why Should You Try This: 

  • Unique Experience: Unlike other team-building exercises, the paint bomb mission provides an exciting and memorable journey.
  • All-Inclusive Package: From complimentary drinks to digital mementos, this package ensures a trouble-free and delightful time.
  • Safety First: Participants may relax and enjoy themselves because hazmat suits and other safety gear fully protect them.
  • Memorable Moments: With digital images and movies, you may capture the occasion and have a record of it that you can remember forever.
  • Flexibility: The package is designed to be accessible and handy for diverse schedules. It fits various group sizes and offers both off-peak and peak-hour options.

Powder Bomb: A Complete Package

An exciting and colorful team development exercise can be found at Powder Bomb of the Bomb Battle. It accommodates groups of 4-15 persons and costs RM 119 to RM 129 per person during peak and off-peak hours, respectively. 

To make things even more exciting, this package will run for 75 minutes and include a thrilling venue with five-kilos of colorful powder explosions. Each participant is awarded a Bomber’s Elite drawstring bag and a powder blast white tee.

The provision of safety gear such as goggles and terrorist head coveralls is an indication that we take safety issues very seriously. The evening starts with a free drink to set the mood, while the lockers are available to keep belongings safe. 

Bomb films and digital images preserve some of the happiest moments so that they never fade away. To bring joy and festivities into the event, there is always a bomb room dance party that concludes it.

Why Should You Try This: 

  • Exciting: Underlying this visually captivating experience are five kilograms of multi-colored powder bursts.
  • Creating Memories: Participants receive special keepsakes, such as unique bombers’ elite drawstring bags and white tees printed with “powder blast, “making the event memorable.
  • Utmost Safety: To complete their safety outfits while doing this event, however, they can have fun without worry, and this protective gear combined with goggles does this to them.
  • Preserving Moments: Shared and treasured digital images and movies provide enduring mementos.
  • Adaptable Choices: The package has two pricing tiers, off-peak and peak, to accommodate differing schedules and group sizes.

The Greatest Lava: Best Experience Ever

At the Greatest Lava of Bomb Battle, an enjoyable and brief team-building activity is open to all your team members. A maximum of twelve or a minimum of four people can participate in the event at any time, and only RM 40 is charged per person. 

Treat yourself to a free drink that will set you in the mood for an adventure that will last about twenty minutes. This activity takes participants through a high-energy challenge with multiple levels of replicating lava fields, thus introducing diversity and fun during the process. 

With its short span and high intensity, this experience is best suited for quick team bonding or as a pre-event warm-up.

Why Should You Try This: 

  • Affordable: This team-building event costs RM 40 per participant, which is quite affordable even for those working on tight budgets.
  • Efficiently Powerful: In just 20 minutes, you can have an impactful encounter that won’t take up much of your time.
  • Varying Group Sizes: It is ideal for small-medium teams that accommodate between four and twelve members.
  • Several Levels: Many levels exist that keep people involved while also adding excitement and surprise.
  • A Friendly Start: Kicking off with a free drink makes everyone feel more comfortable with each other and is important as well.

Versus Arena Experience

Versus Arena experience at Bomb Battle PJ is an interesting and competitive means of creating teams. The charge per person is 40 RM, both during peak hours and off-peak hours, where it can accommodate groups as low as four but not exceeding twenty persons. This one-hour trip begins with a free drink. 

Four different activities require participants’ involvement, each requiring diverse skills. The involvement keeps everyone interested and active with its wide variety of challenges. 

Each challenge aims to encourage teamwork, strategic thinking, and healthy competition among team members. When you want an enlightening way to bond with your team, look no further than Versus Arena.

Why Should You Try This: 

Cost-effective: First of all, it’s a fun way to promote team spirit at the lowest price possible, with only forty ringgits per person.

Diverse Challenges: This ensures that every participant remains engaged due to four varying experiences that meet different tastes and abilities.

Adaptable Group Sizes: It fills the needs of various numbers of members starting from 4 up to 20.

Lasts Long: It lasts for one hour to provide comprehensive interaction that enhances a stronger working relationship.

Welcoming Atmosphere: With a free drink provided at the start, guests will feel at home immediately.

The Benefits Of Corporate Team Building

The Benefits Of Corporate Team Building

We have given you some amazing options for your next team-building outing. But if you are doubtful about whether you should take them, the benefits might change your mind! 

New Perspectives

Corporate team-building events can give employees a fresh perspective on one another. Tasks and goals drive most encounters at work, but personal relationships can flourish during team-building events that take place outside of the office. 

Since this is the case, communication becomes more personal and lighthearted for all parties involved. In the workplace, friendships blossom as employees find out about one another’s passions outside of work.

Makes Employees Feel Appreciated

Participation in team building events increases morale and appreciation among workers. Workers desire a sense of purpose in their work. Companies demonstrate concern by making investments in their health and showing off their skills. 

A great way to raise morale is to highlight staff accomplishments and feature them on the corporate website. Motivated and engaged workers are the result of making them feel valued. 

Participation in team-building activities allows you to recognize and appreciate their efforts. As a result, morale is high, and everyone feels good about contributing to the company’s success.

Enhances Professional Connections 

Strong relationships are key to business success. Team-building exercises strengthen these bonds by encouraging open dialogue and trust. Workers can work together more effectively when they participate in activities that promote teamwork and productivity. 

Collaborating more efficiently is possible when team members are aware of and able to play to each other’s abilities. An atmosphere where employees trust and empathize with one another results in a more peaceful workplace. 

Enhancing Team Efficiency

Building stronger teams leads to better results. Participating in group activities allows workers to better comprehend one another’s interests, limitations, and skills. Working together on projects becomes easier with this knowledge. 

Workplace positivity results from everyone giving their all. The team’s success depends on its members’ ability to recognize and develop their potential. 

Businesses thrive, and initiatives succeed when teamwork is strong. To establish cohesive, powerful teams, it is necessary to engage in team-building activities.

Encourage Originality And Creativity

Team-building exercises nurture collaboration, inventiveness, and creativity. Workers are more likely to speak their minds when they are comfortable with one another. When team-building events go well, they bring employees closer together, which boosts innovation on the job. 

Working together is essential for a company’s success. Participants in regular team-building exercises are more likely to collaborate and share ideas. Successful companies are born out of creative problem-solving teams that work in an atmosphere that encourages and rewards original thought.

Open Lines Of Communication

Teamwork relies on effective communication. Enhancing communication abilities and cultivating strong working relationships are two outcomes of team-building exercises.

Participation in these events creates an open and welcoming workplace where employees are free to express themselves. Enhanced communication results in better teamwork and problem-solving.

When a team works together, it is better able to pinpoint where communication is lacking. Team performance is improved when these areas are prioritized during activities. Better communication is required to ensure everyone understands each other and is on the same page.

Discover Your Potential As A Leader

During team building exercises, latent leadership abilities might be unearthed. Workers may display abilities that aren’t always apparent on the job when they’re not under pressure. 

Consistent participation in team-building activities fosters self-assurance and appreciation for leadership. These activities are great for spotting future leaders and helping them grow into their roles. 

The creation of mentor programs or leadership development initiatives supports this growth. Identifying and developing future leaders benefits the team and the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is teamwork a good strength?

Yes, teamwork is an amazing strength that can bring the whole team together. With proper and timely team-building activities, you can encourage this more in your work environment. 

What are team building skills?

Some of the prominent team-building skills are problem-solving, listening, and organizing. With these skills, employees can effectively work together and promote a good working environment.  

What is the main purpose of team building?

The main purpose of team building is to encourage team bonding and develop your team’s strengths so they can work together. Eventually, team building encourages a strong team that improves the company’s environment. 

Bottom Line

It requires participants to work together, communicate effectively, and solve problems in groups; hence, our team building package in Malaysia works as outstanding team-building exercises. Teamwork and solidarity are built upon through all phases of the missions, where individuals work together as one group.  

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