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  • June 28, 2024
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Live Action Games For Team Building In Malaysia

Engaging your workforce with live action games can be an amusing and realistic way to keep them entertained. Whether virtual or real, these games help with participant introductions and group participation in activities. 

Avoid the same old team-building activities that have become stale. There is a new dimension to live-action escapes. With the newly introduced technologies and methods, you can ensure everyone’s attention is caught by the game. 

If you reside in Malaysia, we have some amazing live-action fun activities to bring your team closer together. To get your team bonding, chatting, and laughing together, let’s proceed! 

Key Takeaways:

  • When they play live-action games with one another, it helps their teams better understand their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, which in turn promotes cooperation and collaboration.
  • These are the types of games that everyone can play and have fun with, as they can be made suitable for both online and offline teams.
  • It is wise to have your squad engage in gaming that they are familiar with or comfortable with so that they can get the most out of it.
  • As players negotiate, debate, and make group decisions under duress, live-action games improve communication skills and general team engagement.
  • Thus, these games help us understand more about how a team works, while others show its weak points and areas for growth.

Live Action Games That You Can Play In Malaysia!

Live Action Games That You Can Play In Malaysia! 

Group gaming sessions raise spirits, make work more enjoyable for all involved, and motivate them to perform better at their tasks. Let’s learn about some of the best activities that you can rely on! 

A Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in KL or PJ can bring your team close together and give them a feel of adventure. This fun and challenging game enhances teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Now, let’s get down to business and give every member of your team a specific number of things they need to find. Either remain in the office or go out of the office. Getting more items during one trip. 

Even if a few are overlooked, everyone can still be back within time if you impose a time limit. This could have a thematic approach with clues or surprises that will make everybody work together. 

A digital scavenger hunt is an interesting way to shake it up, where players are supposed to locate particular pieces of information or websites. Restraining search engines or any other ways to complicate things.


Geocaching is a treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates to locate hidden objects. Each pair of shoes will require either a global positioning system or a smartphone app. 

Give each group some minutes to come back within the predetermined period. Put clues in designated areas so as to complete a puzzle or decode a message written in codes/encrypted form(s). 

For an added thrill, you can also use QR codes found around the premises or area. This practice involves not only GPS locations but also other hints. It builds teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Safari Search

This game gets its participants sitting in turns on paper, drawing various animals. All these cards are displayed openly while seated in one circle. 

One person sits at the center, holding onto a stick until everyone else has quietened down before pointing at him/her with his stick. The moment an animal name is shouted out among those seated in the circle, someone needs to find the middle person through his/her touch, who should be given gently.

A player should quickly utter another animal’s name if he/she wants not to be touched further. If the animal’s name is not mentioned by them immediately after touching the central person, he/she should get up and try to run away. 

The person in the middle will catch that animal once they are able to determine it. A player goes into the center if he/she is touched without naming another animal.  


For this game, each player is assigned a partner. Every pair should consist of a boy and his friend. Then, all the pairs start breaking up and scattering everywhere. 

Pairs need to find each other quickly as per the instructions given by their leader. If it is the last couple to join, the leader decides whether they have to pay a fine or drop out from the activity for not coming on time.

It begets caution to avoid accidents. This game aims to promote quick thinking and movement, which is quite simple. It offers a good way of boosting cooperation among people while making sure everyone stays engaged and awake. 

War Versus Nonviolence

In this, two groups battle for supremacy, each assigned a particular territory. We furnish each team with travel clothes, including shoes, socks, trousers, a shirt, and a bag. Disinterested third parties define the separation between the territories. 

If we instruct players to do so, they are ordered to undress and dress rapidly. They don their armor and subsequently cross the boundary into enemy land. 

When the competition ends, both sides proceed back to their respective home territories to get rid of their clothing. Detached decision-makers declare the victor. The game requires quick thinking, strategic planning, and collaboration among participants to be performed effectively.

Giants, Wizards, Elves

This game is a fun way to celebrate any occasion with a magical theme. Divide your group into two halves. Have each group form a circle and choose any of three characters—wizard, elf, or giant — for the present round. 

The giants thrust their fists into the air when they shout. In like manner, elves put on their hats and make squeaking noises like them. When wizards are humming, it’s like they’re casting spells. 

Every group takes the stage by three counts. In a close match, the Giants outclassed the Elves, who beat the Wizards. Just before losers reach heaven, winners should touch them. 

Those who have been tagged will be considered as part of the victorious team. You have to finish until only one team is remaining. 

The Human Body Game

This activity offers endless hours of fun, combining exercise with improvisation. Participants use their bodies to create a machine for every class or group. 

Participants start chipping in gradually when one person begins making noises as though they were part of a machine. Then, someone starts contributing, and another slowly follows suit until the machine becomes functional. 

Two teams can compete, or you can create a cooperative machine that does something specific, like cooking or making electricity. Large teams and lots of space are required for this game because the machines are very big and active.  


Engage your team in this exciting game rooted in Norse mythology. Lie down in a U shape. To take on the role of a Viking, one individual yells, “Mjolner!” and punches the air. 

The game progresses when participants enthusiastically react, wildly rearranging the Viking role. This is an energetic, wild game that excites large teams. Yelling out ‘Norse’ words while performing rituals creates roaring energy and companionship. 

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing

Divide the group into smaller groups of three or five persons. At each new music piece, one player leads off with dance moves, and others follow suit accordingly. 

A different leader then takes charge as the song changes. Play it with new teams or friends; it becomes even more interesting. People can also add their favorite songs to spice up the party.

Playing Paintball

Paintballing at Bomb battle is an enthralling event that encourages collaboration and strategic thinking. For maximum enjoyment, divide the paintball arena into two teams. 

Competitors try to capture the flag or shoot out their foes while donning safety gear and carrying guns loaded with paintballs. The game entails speed, stealthiness, and scheming. 

It’s a vibrant way of creating a strong rapport through talk and cooperation among individuals. Paintball as a team-building exercise is exciting due to the thrill of chasing nature in the game and the difficulty of accomplishing a mission.

Escape Rooms

If you are looking for something more adventurous, try escape room gaming at Bomb battle PJ. Escape rooms are immersive experiences in which teams have to solve puzzles within a limited period to escape the room. 

Every chamber has different stories and subjects to offer. Together, they have to read riddles, open doors, or find secrets to solve problems through dialogue. The success formula includes open dialogue and teamwork. 

Teamwork and problem-solving skills are developed in escape rooms. They’re fantastic for facilitating camaraderie between members of the group and are incredibly enjoyable throughout playtime. 

How Do Live Action Games Help Teams? 

How Do Live Action Games Help Teams 

There are numerous team activities that you can choose from, but the live-action games are more beneficial as they require the team to engage. The following are some of the benefits that you will notice. 


Cooperation must be clear and concise. In most live-action games, players constantly have to work together to achieve their common goals. 

Such precise communication becomes vital in strategy coordination, position calling, or simply planning for actions. Real-time communication determines the success of gaming experiences such as Overwatch, where tasks may involve determining which enemies to target. 

They are fantastic games for learning cooperative skills because if you don’t move together, things get out of hand.


Diversified and well-specialized teams often win live-action games. The fact that every player’s role complements that of others shows how playing within one’s strengths is inevitable. 

One way we can promote unity is by teaching people how to work together and appreciate the diverse skills individuals possess. 

Ability To Adjust And Solve Problems

In live-action games, unexpected challenges often require quick-thinking solutions from players, who also have to be adaptable enough to deal with them at any time. 

Collaboration as a way of life teaches flexibility, among other things, thus leading to creative problem-solving. 

Examples include puzzle-solving games or escape rooms. These encourage analytical/logical thoughts among individuals involved during playing activities. Players must collaborate according to timing between themselves for easy movement around complex levels. 

Leadership Building  

Playing live-action games can help you to develop both your leadership and following skills. Every member of a multiplayer team would be equally capable of leading their group, making decisions, and assigning roles. 

It stresses good leadership qualities, such as motivating teammates, clearly communicating work instructions, and having good communication channels. 

Teamwork experiences in these activities require both the practice of leadership and being led, meaning those who take part improve their teamwork skills as well.

Flexibility And Persistence

This is why live-action games are so great—because a player’s ability to get back on his feet after that loss and begin again is always tested. When you are involved in a team, there will be obstacles and failures. Thus, this gaming mechanic works well for cooperation. 

Players learn the importance of persistence as they encounter rough stages and terrifying enemies in teams. Every setback allows them to grow, switch strategies, and move toward victory. 

Trust And Team Coherence

Playing these games can be one of the best ways to make friends with strangers, as it involves engaging them in situations where they have no other option but to show trust to fellow players. 

Collaboration through gaming creates intimacy through sharing experiences. In titles like Fortnite or Minecraft, gamers need assistance from their coworkers to move through the building and strategy parts. 

Cooperation among video game players teaches them interdependence upon others’ skills, mutual trust, and caring and loyal relationships between individuals. 

Time Management

The most important factor determining teamwork during live-action games is time management. To achieve objectives within an allocated period, participants must work together strategically to plan their moves and maximize their resource usage.

On-task group-related activities require coordination and time-keeping skills, just like any other similar group-based activity. People who play games like this in their workplace, on the field, or as a group can tell you how they have to coordinate everyone’s efforts to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a live action game?

Live-action role-playing (LARP) is a type of game in which players act out their roles physically in an imaginary world. While in character, players interact with each other and try to achieve common goals in settings that are influenced by the real world. 

What do you call real life games?

They’re just normal games, but alternate reality games have been growing popular over time. These games combine elements from different forms of media with gaming, and they all take place in the real world. Players’ thoughts and actions can shape the story, making it part fact and part fiction.

What are team-based games?

To win a team-based game, players must collaborate as one unit. Such games can be as simple as 2v2 or as complex as 2v2v2, among many other possibilities for structures. Teamwork, strategy, and good communication are important aspects of winning these games.

Is teamwork a skill?

Certainly, one’s ability to collaborate effectively with others is invaluable in any professional setting. Working well with people towards shared objectives is critical. Effective collaboration across diverse and geographically dispersed teams has become more important than ever before.

Wrapping Up

Searching for live action games in KL and PJ can be quite hectic unless you have the right lead. We believe you have got some of the best options to choose from now. However, our best pick goes to Bomb Battle, where you can get a lot more options to cheer your whole team up! 

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