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  • June 25, 2024
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How To Make A Laser Maze? DIY Trick!

Laser mazes can be super fun, especially when you’re having an awesome time with your team. Sometimes, we might not want to go out in search of a laser maze activity; in such cases, it will help you to know how to make a laser maze. 

While laser maze in KL can be exciting, it’s also a clever game. So, when you want to set it up with the right kick of thrill, we have got your back. Let’s know how you can do it! 

What Is A Laser Maze? 

What Is A Laser Maze 

The laser maze in KL is like a puzzle game. Nowadays, experiments with lasers can be played anywhere, even in future sci-fi houses or abandoned space stations. 

To solve it, one needs to use many different instruments, including mirrors, beam-splitters, lenses, and others. The player’s goal is to get the laser beam to the end of the maze by using mirrors to reflect from or cutting a hole in the blue box so that the beam can pass through it. 

However, it gets more complicated with different-shaped mirrors and lenses that you need to use to pass the portal. Solving this kind of portal puzzle requires a lot of strategy and problem-solving. 

The main reason laser maze games are so popular in Malaysia is that they can be replayed repeatedly. Especially with Bomb Battle, every session brings a new configuration and new problems, keeping players more engaged and offering continual challenges. 

Furthermore, the visually impressive laser maze installations accompanied by the often futurist design theme and laser light beams contribute to the extraordinary gaming experience. 

The design of Bomb Battle PJ’s laser maze games makes them suitable for players of all backgrounds, from those in the nation’s growing leisure and gaming scene who seek to enjoy them solely for recreation to individuals in friendly competition with their loved ones.

How To Build A Laser Maze? DIY Tips! 

How To Build A Laser Maze DIY Tips! 

Although laser mazes are more fun when you’re somewhere like Bomb Battle, you can still create a feel of it yourself. Creating your DIY laser labyrinth is a fun and cool pastime that makes you feel like a spy. Here are the steps to building your laser maze. 

Required Materials: Tape, crepe paper streamers, ribbon, or string 

  • Step 1: Stick ribbon, thread, or crepe paper from the point to the exit with the tape in a zig-zag pattern. You can now set up your laser beams. Cross them if you want to up the difficulty level.
  • Step 2: Try to get out of the maze without touching any draping once you and your friends build it. See the beams of light as the lasers you dodge.
  • Step 3: To escape the maze, you will have to snake, duck, and worm under and over the streamers. However, be very careful not to touch the streamers (the alarms), and, heaven forbid, don’t move around too much! 

What Is The Purpose Of A Maze?

What Is The Purpose Of A Maze

Laser mazes are entertaining puzzles and educational puzzles because they combine the aspects of science and mental problems. But they have some purposes, too! 


The first purpose is to find the way out because to reach an exit in every escape room; one must first fathom how complex its interconnecting passage link is. This is why the objective of the classic laser maze and puzzle games often is to get to the exit! 

Thus, successfully finding one’s way out is often the greatest reward—similar to many other classic mazes, which reward those who reach the end with the feeling of successfully solving a challenging problem.

The Reward

Mazes include prizes – often literal treasure – that must be retrieved along the wild ways in addition to the typical prize of escape. Add in a context that encourages adventure and treasure hunting – and the necessity to immerse in the maze’s challenges to make mysterious discoveries and play a game– and you get a recipe for success.

Tracing The Path

This includes not just mazes in which the objective is not to find a way out but to trace a certain form or shape. It’s difficult to pay enough attention ahead while initiating something, a form or a word, ever-deepening into your mind. 

This means that maze-building must be minutely controlled to avoid the appearance of unexpected forms, another way in which the maze becomes an artistic and imaginative experience.  

Using A Metaphor

Alongside such a physical challenge, mazes often embody more symbolic narratives at a glance. Overcoming these might pave the way to, perhaps, enlightenment. 

Extending beyond mental testing, the function of a metaphorical maze is to prompt the kind of reflection that can be brought about by a player being taken, symbolically, along twisted pathways.


Not every maze is a puzzle, after all. Some are simply scenery, a place for a story or tragic situation to unfold. The Minotaur’s labyrinth, for example, was the scene of the monster’s hunt. 

Even today, maze settings permeate modern media, and our love affair with escaping into a story goes hand in hand with this tendency.  

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Mazes In KL & PJ?

Aside from the simple pleasure of a challenge, mazes also have many practical applications. They enable essential social interactions and teamwork competencies. 

Whether managed solo or in a team, a maze offers an opportunity to join forces. Whether real or imagined, a maze requires collaboration toward a shared goal so that individuals can solve something together. 

It encourages trust and friendship while building problem-solving skills in a way that benefits all teammates. 

Whether in-person or online, when individuals work together on the same task to achieve an outcome – such as escaping the room or not falling into the water from a raft – they each gain confidence in one another’s capacities.

Besides, they provide great team-building exercises. A walking maze trains spatial and cognitive skills: navigating the hungriest monster of all—the one in your own mind—takes attention, resourcefulness, and positive decision-making. 

Get The Best Laser Maze Experience At Bomb Battle 

Setting up your laser maze may be fun, but that will only be exciting if you get it all set up with unknown clues. Therefore, Bomb Battle can be your best friend when you need the right kick of adrenaline rush through laser maze games. Visit Bomb Battle, and enjoy it to the fullest with your buddies! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does laser maze work?

Players control a laser beam in a maze using mirrors and beam splitters, each of which is a tool for shaping the laser. While beam splitters reflect part of the light and let the rest through, mirrors send it off at right angles. The more they play, the more they’ll learn about optics and light, and the more they’ll get to practice their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Is laser maze safe?

Laser maze attractions are completely risk-free – the lasers aren’t that powerful because they’re meant for show, and they are built to very strict safety standards so that you can play with them without having to worry about cutting your eyeballs or painfully burning your skin. 

What is the use of maze?

Maze-running tasks ask the runner to reach a goal by following one path or a series of linked paths beginning at one spot, an entrance. In a unicursal pattern, there is only one way to go; in a puzzle, some choices may lead to dead ends, but other choices may take you to the goal. 

Wrapping Up 

Knowing how to make a laser maze will give you the opportunity to practice your reasoned skills and ability to think on your feet. It’s too good, clean, fun, and a crazy contest to see who can get through the maze fastest. But if you are stuck at home and need more time to make it yourself, Bomb Battle has the perfect laser maze set-up for you! 

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